CCSF Privacy and Security Information

Information that is accessible throught the City College of San Francisco Web4 products is only available to individuals by use of a UserId and a password. By using the City College Web4 product and your UserId and Password, you may access a variety of administrative information which the college maintains. Users are ONLY able to view their own information. There is no functionality within the Web4 product which allows one user to view information for any another user.

Your UserID is your Banner ID which is most often your Social Security Number. Initially your password will be your birthday (mmddyy, e.g. 010161). When you access the Web, your first responsibility is to change your password to a 6 digit number other than your birthday. Perhaps the birthday of a relative or close friend or another random number of your choosing. The password must be a number and must have 6 digits. You are in complete control of your password through the Personal Information menu and its UPDATE PIN feature. You may change your password as often as you wish. It is our opinion and experience that the information that we have made available through the Web is completely secure.

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